The Heart of NOMU CON

This has been a rough year for everyone. Many of us who count on visiting with friends at our favorite local conventions. For many of us. My self definitely included, it is a pressure release valve. A couple times a year we go to a place where people know exactly what we are talking about because they love the same things we love. We see great cosplay, eat junk food, stay out late play table top and video games with people we’ve never met before. We learn about new books and comics and shows that are coming and fill our cars with the latest figures posters and decorations. Above all those things… we just take a breath and enjoy ourselves.

This year however we didn’t have that chance. Due to COVID we have all been shut up in our homes. Stressed, isolated and worse.

After 10+ years covering conventions and getting to know vendors, artists, presenters and panelists we have seen a great amnymany friends suffer as a result of not being able to bring their goods, art and crafts to sell at con.

Seeing this happen to our community is what inspired us to come up with NOMU CON a joint venture of Nerd of the day aka Notd and Anime BUMU. We are determined to do all we can to try and bring the community together. We are currently working with panelists, vendors and artists to bring together a full online experience designed to be 100% online. We are hoping to give everyone the opportunity to relax, meat new people unwind and even though its virtual hopefully be reminded that we are all in this together.

We are doing this all free of charge because we love our pop culture communities both locally in Phoenix AZ where we come from but also across the country.

Please join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube and Twitter if you know some who might be inter4ested in presenting or being a vendor at our online convention please forward this article link or social media like depending on where you are seeing this. We hope everyone will stop by and check out our con and hopefully help the community out.